Client: Avenor College


Avenor College is one the few top schools in Romania that have an international recognition, being part of the British Schools Overseas network. In the first half or 2019, Avenor looked for a way to increase awareness, upon the fact that it is the school that aims to educate future leaders and looks forward to finding smart and enthusiastic kids.



In this context, our challenge was to creatively introduce parents (aged 30-40) to the teaching alternative Avenor College offers to its students, one that focuses on both the emotional and psychological development of children, enhancing their passions.


The future jobs were not invented yet

We figured that the campaign had to comprize of a series of tactics that showcased the brand`s expertise, focusing on the bright side of the story (without undermining the efforts of public schools).

We also knew that the campaign had to be supported by official data in order to be credible. Therefore, we built our creative concept starting from two studies: one made by the World Economic Forum, which stated that in the next couple of years 1.7 milion new jobs will be created, and one made by us, that helped us understand the perception of Romanian parents regarding the current public education system. In the end, „The future jobs were not invented yet” materialized in two video experiments and one press release that contributed to highlighting the importance of a modern teaching methods.



The video content created highlighted our findings and connected the educational needs of the future jobs with what Avenor College`s curricula. In the main video experiment, meant to highlight that we know less about the future jobs than we might think, we asked 7 parents from the Avenor comunity to explain what some of the already existing modern jobs mean, only by offering them the job titles, such as UX Designer, Elderologist, Bug Hunter or Digital Athlete. Their hilarious responds gave the video a special flair. Putting people that are representative for the core target in a position of vulnerability and proving that being open minded and informed is not enough for figuring out children`s future helped our campaign to become viral.

The following videos, featuring KOLs and Avenor students, aimed to prove that children at Avenor are more aware than us, grown-ups, that the needs of future jobs are different from the ones we grew up with.



The campaign had a media coverage with over 11,7 million online OTS and 6 dedicated materials made by relevant TV stations that included the story in their newscasts (earned media). In social media, the main video had an organic reach three times bigger than the total number of the page`s fans, in the first 24h, being shared 580 times.

Nevertheless, the content generated with and by the KOLs, who also wrote dedicated blog posts about our campaign, reached 277,6k people.

Also, during the registrations for the following school year, Avenor College received applications from students who shared their vision and all the positions for high school classes were filled.